JALR and Study Scavenger Affiliation

The purpose of the affiliation is to improve web services for Research Subjects, Pharmaceutical Companies, CROs and Research sites by:

  • Introducing automated study posting ability
  • Increasing study posting efficiency
  • Providing a strong second channel of advertising through the smart phone app
    • Research subject recruitment is the biggest factor for delays in clinical research studies. With over 137 million smart phone owners, the research industry has to start rethinking how we advertise.
    • Study Scavenger is the only free smart phone application that allows research subjects to search for clinical studies by:
      • Age
      • Zip Code
      • Health conditions
      • Stipend preferred
      • Distance willing to travel
      • Type of facility
      • Language of choice (English or Spanish)
    • Study Scavenger allows motivated potential research subjects to search for studies when it’s convenient for them.
  • Providing monthly metrics to review ROI
  • Providing to the research subject population registration services to be notified of new and updated study information.

JALR.org and Study Scavenger are thrilled to announce this new opportunity to broaden our reach and to improve research study recruitment.

For Information on how to list your study, please click here.